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Description of the project LIFE+ Berici Hills Nature 2000

The European "Berici Hills Natura 2000" project involved intervention relating to the conservation and restoration of several habitats within SCI IT3220037, an area that presents a very high natural value. In particular, the extreme diversity of species renders the flora of the Berici Hills an element of great interest. The important floral heritage of the Berici Hills is characterized by the presence of numerous rare types of arid, humid and rocky environments and by the presence of the endemic (100%) plant, Saxifraga Berica. From the faunistic point of view the Berici Hills form an area which is relatively rich, above all in species found in wooded, rocky and aquatic environments and in caves. In particular, bird species are of both the resident and migratory types; many of these species are of Community interest and some are linked to the dry pasture land.

Project objectives

The project was designed with the main purpose of restoring and valorising local environments, protecting animal and plant species subject to negative dynamics. To this end it was first of all necessary to gain more indepth scientific knowledge of the vegetation and fauna present in the Berici Hills and particularly for poorlyknown categories such as bats. Following the study phase, areas of intervention where the various project activities would be carried out were identified.


The project involved intervention through a range of diversified activities aimed at impeding the loss of biodiversity in a vast area subject to anthropization. Parallel to remedial measures for the recovery and conservation of habitats and often the return of certain species, diversified and capillary awareness-raising activities were carried out, both within the area itself, involving all categories of stakeholders (citizens, schools, farmers, hunters, persons who practise sports, civil organisations and public authorities) and focusing on the world of research at the regional, extra-regional and international levels in order to boost interest in the Berici Hills SCI and to lay the groundwork for new projects in the Natura 2000 network. The Berici Hills have become a subject of discussion. People want to learn more about environmental issues and have begun to discuss sustainable strategies capable of protecting the environment, while permitting anthropic development and growth.

Phase of the project

30 June 2014 ended on Life+ "Berici Hills Natura 2000". The project is now entering the phase of managing post-Life that will last another five years. More additional information downloadable in section Italian (in italian language).


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